Having exhibited in a select number of highly regarded galleries in Los Angeles, London, Melbourne and Sydney, The Slow was proud to showcase Jesse Lizotte’s first exhibition in Asia, which launched in Room 13 on Saturday the 11th of August. Since his first exhibition in 2014 at China Heights gallery, Surry Hills, Lizotte’s photographic artworks have acquired much acclaim, gracing the covers of magazines like GQ, Oyster and 10 Men, as well as the pages of I-D, InPrint, and Clot. Driven by an interest in the way in which people on the fringes of society influence popular culture and fashion, his subject matter often gravitates towards subcultures, whether it be skateboarders, low-riders or musicians. Lizotte displayed a series of 10 rebellious black and white images for one month in The Slow’s gallery space of Room 13.